31 July, 2015
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research and academic activities

Prof Liah Greenfeld, Distinguished Adjunct Professor in Sociology and Social Policy, gave an intensive master course on “The Nesting Dolls of Culture: Mind, Institution, Nation, Civilization” from 11 to 20 May.

The 8-day master class was designed to give participants a new comprehensive approach to the empirical study of culture.  The approach allows for the analysis of the cultural process on multiple levels, from the elemental individual level through the collective levels of increasing generality, to the levels of social institution, nation, and civilisation, tracing the ways in which processes on each level affect the processes on the others.  The extension of the discussion on the level of civilisation analysis aroused the interest of participants from Hong Kong as it naturally led to the comparison between Western and Chinese civilisations.

The master class attracted attendance from Lingnan staff and students as well as participants from several local and overseas universities.