30 September, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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On 11 September, Mr Adam Wong Sau-ping, director of a recent blockbuster The Way We Dance, was invited by the Centre for Cinema Studies to share with about 50 teachers and students his inspiration for making the film and views on the development of the local film market. 

Mr Wong not only talked about his experience in making The Way We Dance, but also the creative process of an earlier production. He began by playing Pinwheel, a short film he directed in 2009, saying that it was inspired by his own childhood memory. He also told the students what he and the Indian-Pakistani actor had seen during film shooting at Model Housing Estate in North Point. These remarks were rarely reported in newspapers and magazines.

As for the future prospect of local films, Adam said we should not conclude from a single case of success like The Way We Dance that “localisation” would become the new direction of Hong Kong movies. It is inevitable that commercial considerations have to be taken into account. However, a director’s passion for exploring new topics and the crew’s stamina in striving for perfection are crucial for the survival of Hong Kong films in the future.

Mr Wong promised to visit Lingnan again soon to take part in other film discussion and sharing sessions.