30 September, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Ms Yookie Wong, an alumna of Lingnan University, gave a talk on her tough battle with cancer at the “Tuesday with Mentors” dinner on 17 September.

Yookie graduated with a BBA (Hons) degree from Lingnan University in 2006 and works in the accounting field. She was an executive member of the 7th Student Hostel Association of Hostel E. During the dinner reception, Yookie talked about her colourful campus and hostel life as well as her brave battle against the sudden attack of illness.

In her second year of study at Lingnan, Yookie was diagnosed with lymphoma, which completely disrupted her normal life. After six months of medical treatment, Yookie returned to Lingnan to continue her study and graduated on schedule. Unfortunately, she had two relapses afterwards and her health continued to deteriorate, which resulted in discords with her family. She was also in great distress due to economic pressure and her supervisor’s indifference. Yookie later learnt to “befriend” her illness with her indomitable spirit and determination to live, and paid more attention to her own well-being. When she was receiving treatment, Yookie took the initiative to participate in voluntary work. She also used her own experience to encourage others to face difficulties with courage. 

For Yookie, Lingnan is her cradle and guardian. Her relationship with Dr Li Donghui, Warden of Hostel E, is just like mother and daughter. This is why she has never missed Hall E’s annual dinner. She believes that everyone has potential, but no one knows what will happen tomorrow. She gave this advice to students: “You should cherish yourself and your family and make the best of every day.”