10 June, 2011
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Campus news

Lingnan University’s Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) has launched a podcasting website for staff and students to review course materials and to facilitate self-learning anytime, anywhere. 

Dr David M Kennedy, Director of the TLC, said, “Podcasting is a means of distributing content (audio and video) across the internet, to personal computers, iPods, iPads and mobile phones. It is very widely used by educational institutions around the world and is beginning to be used more widely amongst Hong Kong universities. Research shows that students benefit from having content more widely available and in a form they can use anywhere and anytime.” 

Over the past six months the TLC has worked with colleagues from the Department of Visual Studies, Department of Philosophy and Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre to create podcasts and vodcasts for those subjects. 

Prof Mette Hjort, Head and Chair Professor of the Department of Visual Studies said, “Our department has produced podcasts with two visiting filmmakers and one visiting sculptor. These podcasts provide precious insight into the reasoning that informs specific artistic works and gives students another form of evidence on which to base their arguments about art. The podcasts with the filmmakers help students to grasp just how important it is to think about ethical issues when making a documentary film. In contrast, the podcast with the African sculptor Elkana Ong’esa makes it clear that in some parts of the world art-making contributes to the building of sustainable communities.” 

“These podcasts can be used in a variety of ways by teachers and students, in and out of the classroom, now and in the future,” she added. 

Please click on http://podcast.ln.edu.hk/ to find out more about the podcasts available and feel free to download a podcast for your own use or learn how the technology works.