30 December, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Campus news

The “Postcards Between Friends: Collaborative Drawing and Creativity Pedagogy” exhibition, showcasing postcards drawn collaboratively by 85 Visual Studies students who attended four drawing classes in the past two years, is held from 1 November to 30 January next year at Lingnan University’s Fong Sum Wood Library.

Under the “Postcards Between Friends” project initiated by Prof Carol Archer from the Department of Visual Studies, drawing becomes a medium of communication. A student would draw part of a postcard and mail it to a classmate without adding any verbal instructions. The receiver would then complete the drawing and mail it back to the sender. Both the sender and the receiver exchanged their ideas, styles, techniques and inspired each other through the process of making the unique drawing together. Stamps and postmarks left during the mailing process also recorded the whole production and formed part of the creation.

The exhibition also featured drawings of Prof Archer in collaboration with her five Australian artist friends. Visitors can also watch videos to explore the postcards’ making process and the learning it involved.

A 180-page catalogue explaining the project and featuring its postcard drawings is available from 12 December. Free copy of the catalogue can be collected in person from the library or by contacting the Department of Visual Studies (email at: ch1wong@ln.edu.hk or joycetong@ln.edu.hk) while stock lasts.