30 November, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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The Suzhou Pingtan Troupe was invited to perform Cao Yu’s drama masterpiece Leiyu (Thunderstorm) on campus on 7 November, drawing an audience of more than 100 students and staff members.

An ancient art originated from Suzhou, pingtan combines storytelling (pinghua) and ballad singing (tanci). The pingtan performance of Leiyu featured a free exchange of storytelling and singing in Putonghua and the Suzhou dialect, bringing a fresh and ear-soothing experience to the audience.

Acclaimed for being “the Most Beautiful Voice” of China, the Suzhou Pingtan Troupe brought to Lingnan Sheng Xiaoyun, a first-class performer and deputy chair of the Chinese Ballad Singers Association, and other leading pingtan performers Xu Huixin, Wu Jing, Wu Weidong and Xu Yunyun.

The performance at Lingnan was part of the Suzhou Pingtan Troupe’s tour to Hong Kong universities to promote the traditional art of pingtan.