30 May, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Selected as the “President’s Scholar” of Lingnan University for the year 2014/15, Year two social sciences student Kelvin Ching will soon start his third year of study at The University of Leeds in the UK. The scholarship, totalling HK$300,000, was donated by Dr Helmut Sohmen. It covers tuition and other expenses during Kelvin’s one-year study abroad.

Since the “President’s Scholar” represents Lingnan as a visiting scholar in another reputable institution, Kelvin was selected not only on his outstanding academic performance with a 3.73 GPA but also his understanding of Lingnan. During the past two years, Kelvin has been very committed to hostel life and has taken up leadership roles in many campus activities. Kelvin’s dedication to social causes and concern for the underprivileged can be seen in his long-term commitment in serving elderly people, children without proper parental care and children from rural areas in Mainland China.

“I wish to understand more about youth deviance and their independent culture in the UK because I may want to develop a career relating to young people,” said Kelvin. With deep interest in philosophy and sociology, Kelvin looks forward to taking courses in philosophy, sociology, psychology and law at The University of Leeds. He plans to major in psychology in his fourth year of study when he returns to Hong Kong and provide psychological support to different sectors of society in the future.