30 December, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Campus news

In his Letter to Lingnanians on 16 December, President Leonard K Cheng reported on several new initiatives at the University that had borne fruit, such as the inauguration of the Lingnan Gardeners project, the establishment of the Equal Opportunities Committee and the first “Music Day”.

He also mentioned his trip to Guangzhou to attend the 25th Anniversary Ceremony of Lingnan (University) College at Sun Yat-sen University to explore areas of co-operation, as well as a meeting with six alumni – three each from the Guangzhou and Stubbs Road eras – and a faculty member who is an expert on LU history to learn more about the history and intended meaning of the University motto when it was adopted. “As we continue to strengthen our liberal arts education, we should also draw inspiration for the future from our illustrious past,” he wrote.

President Cheng congratulated the newly elected Executive Committee members of the University’s Students’ Union. He had a four-hour meeting with some members on a wide range of issues and accepted some of the suggestions made by them. Views on the strategic directions and key initiatives for academic development in the 2016-19 triennium were collected at a staff forum, while on-going consultation is being conducted on the criteria and processes for the promotion of assistant and associate professors.

He praised the Nobel laureate for literature Dr Mo Yan for “his remarkable ability in using local stories to record major historical upheavals through the eyes and thoughts of individuals and even animals, and doing so with a frank reflection of both good and evil”, as well as for “his courage to delve into the negative sides of the policies of the current government, and touch on the less than glorious acts of the communist guerrillas before the establishment of the PRC.”

Please click here to read President Cheng’s Letter to Lingnanians.