31 March, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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President Leonard K Cheng was invited to join the annual dinner of The Jockey Club Hall E with the theme of “Hogwarts Night” on 24 March at the Cityview, Yaumatei. About 120 Hall E residents, alumni, members of the Warden Office and former tutors also attended. Dr Li Dong-hui, Warden of Hostel E, thanked all the enthusiastic alumni for coming to the annual dinner.

When addressing the attendees, President Cheng said the theme of “Hogwarts Night” was a perfect fit for the dinner, “Hogwarts is not only a magic but also a boarding school, which is more or less the same as Lingnan. Although our students would not have the adventures of Harry Potter or magicians as their teachers, it is certainly some sort of adventure to leave home for the first time to live on their own and learn how to get along with fellow hall mates.” While students are expected to learn academic knowledge and interpersonal skills at the University, President Cheng hoped that they could develop life-long friendships similar to that among Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger. He also shared his fond memories of being a welfare officer of the student hostel association and cooking sweet soups every week for hall mates when he was studying at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The “Best Hall E Resident Awards” were presented at the dinner to recognise those who dedicated themselves to hostel services, sports and academic study in the past year. Dr Li also presented certificates to members of the former Student Hostel Association, E-lead, for their contribution to Hall E. Recipients of the “Best Hall E Resident Awards 2014” are as follows:  

Best students in hostel services:
- Chen Shun-yin, Caleb (Social Sciences, Year 3)
- Ngai Hiu-lam, Helen (Business, Year 2)

Best student in sports:
- Leung Hiu-tung (Arts, Year 1)

Best student in academic achievements:
- Chan Chun-nam (Philosophy, Year 3)