28 February, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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President Leonard K Cheng was invited to be the officiating guest at the inauguration of Student Hostel Association (SHA) cabinets at Wong Hoo Chuen Hall, Wu Jieh Yee Hall and The Jockey Club Hall F.

The inauguration ceremony of Wong Hoo Chuen Hall was held on 29 January. Addressing its second cabinet, Chamberlain, named after Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain, a renowned British statesman in the early 20th century who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1925, President Cheng encouraged the cabinet members to “stay close to the needs and views of hostel residents, and work hard to advance their welfare and interests.” Citing Wong Ho Chuen Hall’s theme of “fraternity, friendship and diversity”, President Cheng also spoke of his high hopes of the students to exemplify the hall theme by showing respect, understanding and tolerance of their fellow hall mates.

On 12 February at the inauguration of SOFIO, the second SHA cabinet of Wu Jieh Yee Hall, President Cheng quoted Eleanor Roosevelt’s book You Learn by Living to stress the importance of learning from daily life as well as the good living and learning environment in hostel. “In addition to looking after ourselves, how to get along with roommates and hallmates is more important. As we come from different families with diverse habits, lifestyles and cultural backgrounds, problems large and small are bound to arise. This is why we need to learn how to get along well with other people and respect our differences so as to minimise conflicts. This is something we can’t learn just from books but by practice,” he said. He also thanked the SOFIO members for volunteering to serve their hallmates and make their hostel a better place for living and learning.

Speaking to the 17th SHA cabinet of The Jockey Club Hall F on 20 February, which advocates personal transformation of students, President Cheng made a few recommendations. First, he suggested students to keep an open mind in daily encounters with hallmates, listen to and contemplate diverse points of views. He also encouraged students to take risk and learn something new in order to achieve personal growth. “Liberal arts education is about crossing boundaries or thinking out of the box. This kind of intellectual stimulation is best found in a closely knit hostel community like ours,” he said.