30 May, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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“Teaching and learning are mutually beneficial. It is hard to imagine success in university education and in raising the competitiveness of our graduates without students’ opinions, feedback, suggestions and co-operation,” said President Leonard K Cheng in his third letter to Lingnanians issued on 17 May 2014. He called on students to provide more “objective comments and concrete suggestions” for enhancement of the courses and teaching performance of the University.

“It is easier for teachers to get a sense of direction for improvement when they can learn about their strong and inadequate areas, about what can be simplified, what ought to be explained or discussed further, and how to further improve their teaching and interaction skills. In contrast, teachers will find it difficult to know what to improve if students do not provide information other than quantitative scores,” he said.

While breakfast meetings provide a good channel for President Cheng to exchange ideas with students, he encouraged them to gather a group of like-minded schoolmates and arrange an “exclusive meeting” with him with a focus on topics of common interest to them. He is also considering spending some time each month to meet with Lingnanians under the Skylight or in the canteen, so that students and colleagues can chat with him without prior appointment. He will continue to hold the President’s Open Forum, during which he will join with the Vice-President and Associate Vice Presidents to answer questions from students and colleagues, and listen to their views.

In addition to reporting work progress in his letter, President Cheng also shared what he had read over the last couple of months, ranging from light genetics and the discovery of the “Holy Grail” in cosmology to the persecution of atheists in Indonesia and the successful business model of real-time, online non-porn talent shows in mainland China.

“It brings me joy to see that spring has come, and that flowers are blossoming on campus….I picture our Lingnan students as trees with flower buds; each flower represents an accomplishment or a reward. With the accumulation of knowledge, skills and understanding, I can imagine such flowers blossoming resplendently across the campus. The flowers we get to see may not be the largest or the prettiest, but they are all distinctive, fragrant and pleasing in their individual ways,” he wrote.

Please click HERE for President Cheng’s letter to Lingnanians.