27 December, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Campus news

In his second letter to Lingnanians, President Leonard K Cheng encouraged students to make good use of the various learning opportunities provided by Lingnan University and strengthen their language proficiency to raise their competitiveness, so that they can have more choice in selecting a career and life path they wish.

President Cheng said Lingnan should continue to enhance the learning experience of students, so that the effectiveness of its teaching and learning can reach the highest standards of world-class liberal arts universities. This goal cannot be achieved instantaneously and requires an upward spiral process. Apart from changes to internal systems and the establishment of a culture, three ancillary propellers are required in this process: (1) the mobilisation of more resources from society to supplement government funding; (2) helping graduates find better career prospects; and (3) more effective public promotion of the University’s liberal arts ideas and the achievements of its staff, students and graduates.

President Cheng thanked members of the University Council and Court, donors and alumni for their valuable support to Lingnan, and reported “a good start” in fund-raising. He plans to meet with staff of academic departments in the next semester to learn more about their work and thoughts, and work together with Lingnanians and the University’s supporters  to activate the “upward spiral process”.

Please click here for President Cheng’s letter to Lingnanians.