31 July, 2015
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Following the publication of Hong Kong as a City-State in 2011, Prof Chin Wan-kan, Associate Professor of the Department of Chinese, launched his new book City-State Sovereignty (in Chinese) at this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair.

Superpowers’ politics in the 20th century gave birth to the transnational capitalist class, which in the late 20th century (1980s to 1990s) created transnational trade and financial organisations and dismantled the national protectionist fences.  Forced to open their doors wide, countries even transferred part of their sovereignty to these organisations.  As a result, the underprivileged suffered unspeakably from financial exploitation such as currency depreciation, zeroing of interests, depreciation of the provident funds, soaring property prices and the collapse of small and medium enterprises. 

This book explains how transnational organisations transferred national sovereignty outwards to alien worlds, as well as how the practice of city-states transfers national sovereignty inwards and disperses it to city-states and free states, preserving the spirit and original intention when the nation was founded and national interests. According to Prof Chan, the city-state sovereignty of Hong Kong is the beginning of the Chinese’s expansion over the seas, instead of a product of separatism.