30 November, 2011
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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In his inaugural lecture on 24 November, Prof Douglas Robinson, Tong Tin Sun Chair Professor of English and Head of the English Department at Lingnan University, examined retired Yale professor in English Harold Bloom’s controversial work The Western Canon

Prof Robinson started by outlining the "theory wars" over the literary canon in the US, referring to the heated debates between the Left and the Right over what values literature reflects and how literature should be appreciated. He went on to say that Bloom, interested in defining and defending the canon of all great Western literature, tries to stay away from those "theory wars" by attacking the radical, anti-establishment Leftist approach and avoiding the highly conservative position of the Right. 

Having offered a critique of Bloom's vacillations and contradictions in The Western Canon, Prof Robinson continued to explore what he called the "somatics" of literary criticism: the ways in which how we study literature and other art forms is grounded in affect.