30 July, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Awards and people

Prof Leung Ping-kwan, Chair Professor of Comparative Literature at Lingnan University, has been named “Author of the Year” at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2012 in recognition of his achievements in and contributions to Hong Kong literature.

As “Author of the Year”, Prof Leung hosted two sharing sessions and a poetry recital under the “Cultural July” series of cultural events. The relationships among literature, the arts, fiction, society and life were explored during the sharing sessions. At the poetry recital attended by cultural commentator Perry Lam and renowned German Sinologist Wolfgang Kubin, translations of Prof Leung’s poems in various languages were read.

Under the theme of “Humanistic Dialogues”, a special exhibition of Prof Leung’s personal items was held at the Art Gallery, showcasing his poetry, photographic works, reviews of books, drama and paintings, essays on life and multimedia works collaboratively completed with several photographers, artists and designers.

More importantly, Prof Leung launched two new books (in Chinese) at the Book Fair, namely The Chinese Poems from Provence and Bach in the Floating World. The Chinese Poems from Provence features Prof Leung’s poems written in the summer of 2006, when he was staying at Saorge Monastery in southern France as writer-in-residence, as well as his re-visit to the monastery and Provence in 2008. Poems in Bach in the Floating World were inspired by Iets op Bach, a cross-over of modern dance and classical music.

Prof Leung is the third “Author of the Year” at the Hong Kong Book Fair and Chair Professor of Comparative Literature at Department of Chinese, Lingnan University.