31 May, 2016
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research and academic activities

A public lecture themed “The Nature of Modernity” by Prof Liah Greenfeld, Distinguished Adjunct Professor of the Department of Sociology & Social Policy was held on 11 May to trace the features of modern experience in Western society. 

The lecture concentrated on spheres of social stratification, politics, economy, personal life and the intellectual spheres of science and art, and related these features to the core values of national consciousness: equality, freedom of choice, and dignity.  It then addressed the issue of the spread of nationalism into China, noting that it is solely the implication of dignity that appears to recommend this Western-derived form of consciousness to this vast country, while the values of equality and freedom in it do not have the same resonance, and suggesting that this selective importation may well result in a characteristically Chinese form of modernity which is different from the one which is familiar in the West.