30 April, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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A lecture on Mexican sculpture has been organised by the Department of Visual Studies of Lingnan University to coincide with the unveiling of the work “Effort” donated by sculptor Mr José Sacal.

Mr Guillermo Salceda, renowned art and cultural promoter and dealer from Mexico City, was invited to give a public lecture on “Mexican Sculpture from Pre-Hispanic times to Sacal” before the unveiling ceremony on 29 April.

With over 50 years’ experience in the sector, Mr Salceda has represented all major modern Mexican artists and has a gallery that showcases art by all the most famous painters and sculptors active today. His motto or ambition is to bring the museum to the people instead of the people to the museum, and he has successfully held temporary exhibits by major artists in different public areas of his city, including a subway station. 

At the lecture, Mr Salceda guided the attendees through the sculpture of the Aztec, Maya and other ancient Meso-American civilisations; its evolution through the Spanish conquest and colonial period; the evolution of sculpture in its relationship with Mexico’s famous muralist movement in painting; leading to modern surrealist art, including some on display in the squares and gardens of major world cities such as Shanghai.