29 January, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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In a recent interview with President Leonard K Cheng, he pleasantly shared with the editors and reporter of Lingnan University newsletter Chronicle his childhood and teenage memories. From stacking up heavy loads of soft drinks to cleaning windows on scaffoldings, he took up odd jobs to support his family while pursuing academic excellence. His resilient perseverance allowed him to set sail a lifelong journey as a judicious leader and entrepreneurial administrator, evidenced by his contribution to the School of Business and Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in their successful PhD and MBA programmes. In the second half of the interview, President Cheng talked about his thoughts on strengthening pre-professional education, language training and Chinese-Western cross-cultural studies at Lingnan. Don’t miss the feature story “‘G for All’: new Lingnan President Professor Leonard K Cheng” (Click HERE for link).

The new issue of Chronicle also reports on the post-retirement life of former President Prof Chan Yuk-Shee. Well on his way to recovery, Prof Chan offered some reflections on his work at Lingnan in the past six years. An account of Prof Chan’s contributions demonstrates how his low-profile, constructive leadership helped advance the goals of liberal arts education. Read more in the article “‘Fare Well’ to former President Professor Chan Yuk-Shee” (Click HERE for link).

Another feature report is about the gender imbalance of students at Lingnan. While the female population in Hong Kong has been outnumbering male in recent years, do we have the same situation at Lingnan? The editorial board collected statistics on the sex ratios of Lingnan undergraduates and research and taught postgraduates in the past 10 years and sketched an authentic gender portrait. You may get the details from the story “The Way of Great Learning: Yin or Yang?” (Click HERE for link).

Click HERE for the table of contents of the latest issue of Chronicle and read other articles.