30 September, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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At a seminar on 7 September, Dr Mary Wong Shuk-han of the Department of Chinese of Lingnan University discussed with four guest speakers which Hong Kong literary works they wished most to be adapted to film.

The guest speakers were Matthew Cheng Ching-hang, research assistant of the Centre for Humanities Research of Lingnan University; Carmen Lo Ching-man, founder and artistic director of Cinematic Theatre; Dr Ben Wong King-fai, screenwriter and Shu Kei, Dean of the School of Film and Television, the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. They talked about favourite literary works of Hong Kong that they wished most to be made into films. They also discussed, based on their experience in filmmaking and drama production, the constraints and considerations in presenting written literature with moving images, such as to what extent the original storyline should be preserved, how to understand the world created by the author and capture it on film, and whether the literary works provide sufficient narratives and dramatic conflicts that are essential elements in movies.

Dr Mary Wong Shuk-han’s new book Hong Kong Cinema and Literature: Writer, Film and Adaptation was also launched at the seminar.