28 February, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Write Before the Doomsday – Set Sail! Noah’s Ark

  1. Editors' Note – Set Sail! Noah's Ark
  2. The End - A Light in the Darkness (Ms Charmaine Wan Wai-ying, OSL Project Officer; Cultural Studies, 2011 Graduate)
  3. Green Land in My Heart – Service-Learning Experience in "Sangwoodgoon" (Mr Don Mang Yi-yeung, China and Asian Pacific Affairs, Year 2 student)
  4. Sex Workers – The Labour under Exploitation in Patriarchy Capitalism (Mr Kenneth Tong Yiu-keung, Cultural Studies, Year 3 student)
  5. Behind the Prosperity – The Role of "Corporate Social Responsibility" and "Social Enterprise" (Dr Chen Ting-ting, Department of Management, Assistant Professor)
  6. Once Upon a Time in that Summer – Learn more about "Social Enterprise" from Cross-Border Service-Learning Summer Institute (Mr Anson Lai Chun-on, Contemporary Social Issues and Policy, 2012 Graduate, MPhil student, Department of Sociology and Social Policy)
  7. Born to Love – Pay it Forward (Mr Terry Wong Chi-ho, OSL Project Officer)
  8. Feature Story: Never Ended – Rescuers in the Médecins Sans Frontières (Dr Albert Ko Wing-yin, Director of Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre, Head of Student Development Programme, The University of Hong Kong)