31 October, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Lingnan University held its first University Assembly on 22 October, at which Ms Christine Fang, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services (HKCSS), was invited to speak on “Social Challenges of Hong Kong”.

Hong Kong is facing stern social challenges, including socio-economic transformation, mis-matching of human resources that leads to the aggravation of poverty and widening of the income gap, aging and structural changes of the population, the adverse impact of these challenges on family cohesion, as well as the marginalisation of disadvantaged groups.

Ms Fang discussed with the students how to establish a harmonious community and in what directions social reforms should move forward in order to rebuild our core values for a sustainable vision and social system.

As a seasoned social worker, Ms Fang has been promoting the development of social welfare in Hong Kong for years. She serves on various important government policy committees, including the Steering Committee on the Community Care Fund and the Charities Sub-Committee of the Hong Kong Law Reform Commission.