30 October, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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In the University Assembly held on 16 October, a number of speakers from the academic and cultural sectors honoured the magnificent achievements of Prof Liu Yichang, a Hong Kong writer renowned for his flair for imagination and creativity, through the perspectives of literature, film and photography. Prof Liu also attended the assembly to meet with students.

Prof Xu Zidong and Associate Professor Mary Wong Shuk-han from Lingnan University’s Department of Chinese, local writer, screenwriter and documentary film director Dr Ben Wong King-fai, and photographer Mr Thomas Lin were speakers at the assembly entitled “In the mood of Liu Yichang”.

Prof Xu pointed out that Prof Liu is a representative figure and pioneer of Hong Kong literature. He complimented Prof Liu on his contributions to the literary sector of Hong Kong, for bringing the political, literary and entertainment elements of modern Chinese literature in the May Fourth Era to Hong Kong, and laying an important foundation for the development of Hong Kong literature. Prof Wong remarked that Prof Liu had devoted great efforts to nurturing local talents in literature and promoting cultural development in Hong Kong, with a profound impact on writers since the 1960s.

During his university study, Dr Ben Wong was deeply influenced by Prof Liu’s works. In 2009, Dr Wong decided to produce a film to document the life of Prof Liu. The documentary, to be screened in 2015, aims to give audiences an in-depth understanding of Prof Liu’s life-long contributions to literature, and enhance foreigners’ knowledge of local literature and culture. On the other hand, inspired by Prof Liu’s novel Tête-bêche, Mr Thomas Lin has taken several sets of photos under the theme of “inversion”, which reconstructed some lost things and objects with a series of inverted images, so that viewers can ponder about their collective memories and values which have been fast disappearing in recent years.

Prof Liu Yichang is a renowned novelist and editor, and an honorary professor of the Open University of Hong Kong. His novels Tête-bêche and The Drunkard inspired Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai to make the films In the Mood for Love and 2046. Lingnan University has recently conferred an honorary doctoral degree upon Prof Liu for his outstanding contributions to the literary sector in Hong Kong.