30 April, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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In appreciation of the generous donation by renowned Mexican sculptor Mr José Sacal of his work "Effort" ("Esfuerzo" in Spanish) to Lingnan University, an unveiling ceremony was held on 29 April. Officiating guests of the ceremony included Mr José Sacal, Ambassador Alicia Buenrostro Massieu, Consul General of Mexico in Hong Kong and Macao, the University’s Council Chairman the Hon Bernard Charnwut Chan, President Chan Yuk-Shee and Vice-President Prof Jesús Seade.

Mr Sacal is a renowned sculptor and ceramist born in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He studied at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City and trained with Francisco Zuñiga, Arthur Khronengold and Enrique Altamirano. Mr Sacal has held major solo exhibitions in Mexico, China, Korea, France, Italy, Israel, Spain, various countries in South America and major locations in the US. His work has been described as essence because it arrives from the deepest of his feelings expressed through the beings he creates. The sculpture “Effort” donated by Mr Sacal, which symbolises man’s struggle to improve or better himself through education, is erected at the Contemporary Garden of the University’s campus.