28 June, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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A visiting team from the Research Grants Council (RGC) came to Lingnan University on 20 June to get to know more about its academic research development and activities. The 40-member team was led by RGC Chairman Prof Benjamin W Wah and University Grants Committee (UGC) Assistant Secretary-General (Research) Mrs Alice Sham.

Following welcome remarks by President Chan Yuk-Shee and a presentation by Vice President Prof Jesús Seade, parallel sub-group informal meetings were held with staff, research postgraduate students and junior academic members of the three faculties, enabling the team to understand Lingnan’s research strategies, direction and atmosphere.

Lingnan has an active research culture conducive for the pursuit of excellence and a firmly-established and well-functioning mechanism for research support, including structured and well-rounded training for research postgraduates and active support for junior academic staff. In 2011/12, Lingnan staff have co-published papers with 47 institutions outside Hong Kong that were on the QS Top 500 Universities List. As of 31 May 2013, there were 70 research postgraduates (46 MPhil and 24 PhD) studying at Lingnan’s 15 departments. Between 2010/11 and 2012/13, a total of 12 students were admitted through the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS). In the 2012/13 intake, 75% (six out of eight) of the awardees were from outside Hong Kong or Mainland China, much higher than the sector-wide average of 32.8% of UGC institutions.

The RGC visits one UGC institution each year and the last time they went to Lingnan was in 2005. The team comprised RGC members and members of its two subject panels on Business Studies and Humanities & Social Sciences. The RGC will produce a written feedback to Lingnan after September containing its observations and comments.