29 May, 2015
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research and academic activities

The Centre for the Advancement of Outcomes-Based Education (CAOBE) invited distinguished professors John Biggs and Catherine Tang to facilitate a workshop entitled “Further Issues in Implementing and Fine-Tuning Outcomes-based Approaches to Teaching and Learning” on 12 May. The workshop was followed by presentation of the inaugural Lingnan University Faculty and Student Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Outcomes-Based Education.

Prof John Biggs has held the position of chair in Education in several parts of the world, including Hong Kong, and is considered “the Father of Outcomes-based Approaches to Teaching and Learning (OBATL)”. His wife, Prof Catherine Tang, has also held the role of Head of Educational Development in two local universities. Together they have co-authored Teaching for Quality Learning in University, the seminal text in this area.

The workshop revisited the concept of student-centred teaching and the implementation of OBATL, then went on to expand further on particular issues that are relevant to the current Hong Kong higher education context, such as assessing abstract outcomes in the Arts, how to get students more actively involved in learning in lectures, and assessing Program Learning Outcomes. 

Showing that they “practise what they preach”, Profs Biggs and Tang led the workshop in an outcomes-based manner, with lively activities interspersed throughout the presentation. The workshop was aimed at helping participants reflect on their current understanding and level of implementation of OBATL, and consider how to further fine-tune their learning outcomes and teaching practice.

More information and pictures of the event can be found on the CAOBE website:  http://tlc.ln.edu.hk/caobe/