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08 September, 2017
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Alumni Activities

第二十七期《嶺大校友 Lingnan Connections》將於2017年12月出版。一本內容豐富的校友刊物實有賴各位校友的鼎力支持。請不要猶豫,立即與大家分享您的所見所聞及昔日回憶。歡迎校友為下列專欄提供稿件及/或相片:


- 與校友分享喜訊(如新婚、誕嬰、工作上之佳績、最近著作等),除相片外,歡迎提供不多於100字的描述;相片的解像度以800KB或以上為佳。

- 與校友分享日常生活的有趣相片,或是旅遊時拍攝的所見所聞,歡迎各位校友公諸同好,並寫下個人感受(不多於60字)及註明拍攝地點;相片的解像度以800KB或以上為佳。





10 August, 2017

A pre-departure sharing session of the Lingnan University - Chow Tai Fook Student Exchange Scholarships was held on 10 August.  Mr Matthew Lee, Project Manager of Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation, attended the session and encouraged students to fully utilise invaluable exchange opportunities to broaden their horizon and contribute to the society by committing to social services.  Scholarship recipients shared their expectations in attending overseas exchange and future plans of participation in community service.

In honour of our former President Prof Chan Yuk-Shee for his great contribution to the University and Hong Kong’s higher education sector, the President Chan Yuk-Shee Scholarships have been established.  The Scholarships were initiated by some Lingnanians, with their generous contributions and the support from Mrs Teresa Chan, the wife of Prof Chan, with the aim to encourage students to pursue excellence in their studies.

Campus News
30 June, 2017

o strengthen academic, Service-Learning and cultural exchange with “Belt and Road” countries, the Office of Service-Learning has launched its first “Belt and Road Service-Learning Programme in Central Asia” from 30 June to 14 July.

24 July, 2017

The seminar entitled “Improving the ‘Outcome Based Assessment’ (OBA) Processes with Information Technology: Experience Sharing” was held on 24 July with Prof Alfred Loo, Adjunct Associate Professor of the Department of Computing and Decision Sciences and Associate Director of MSc in eBusiness and Supply Chain Management as the speaker.  More than 30 participants including Lingnan staff members, academics and administrators from other local tertiary education institutions such as Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hang Seng Management College and Tung Wah College, as well as guests from several private companies attended the seminar.  Overseas scholars from Mercu Buana University and Universitas Pembangunan Panca Budi in Indonesia also joined the occasion.

2 August, 2017

The two-week “I-Gen Series 2017” summer service-learning programme was completed on 2 August.  Seven Lingnan students, five community elders and six secondary students participated in the programme.  The name “I-Gen” embodies the themes of “inter-generation” and “innovative generation”.  Through sharing and collaborations, the old and young generations communicate with each other to achieve social harmony.  They investigated topics related to aging issues and innovative designs, including concepts of active aging, social innovation, home design, and green funeral and burial.

17 August, 2017

A nine-member delegation from Huancui District of the city of Weihai, Shandong Province visited Lingnan University on 17 August.  The visit aims to foster delegation member’s understanding on Lingnan’s experience in liberal arts education and its achievements in different aspects.

17 August, 2017

In collaboration with the Hong Kong Pei Hua Education Foundation, Lingnan’s Hong Kong Institute of Business Studies (HKIBS) organised “The 11th Seminar for the Representatives of the Minority Nationalities Autonomous Prefectures in China” from 17 to 28 August.

Since November 2015, Lingnan University’s Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies has been cooperating with Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE) and Haven of Hope Christian Service (HOHCS) for the “Navigation Scheme for Young Persons in Care Services”.  While so far the programme already has four intakes of students, its first graduation ceremony was held on 26 August.

4 September, 2017

Lingnan University held its 2017/18 Inauguration Ceremony on 4 September to mark the beginning of the new academic year, and welcome new local students as well as those from around the world.


Consultation regarding legislation on standard working hours has aroused keen discussions in Hong Kong.  Among the intense debate between its pros and cons on diverse social factors, one of the key advantages lies on the possibility of reducing family and social problems through better work-life balance.  In 2006, the HKSAR Government implemented five-day work week, and encouraged local organisations to support so as to maintain quality work-life of employees.  Such harmonious arrangement was partly based on the “Research on Family-friendly Employment Policies and Practices (FEPPs) in Hong Kong” commissioned by the Equal Opportunities Commission and the Women’s Commission.  Prof Siu Oi-ling, Professor and Head of Lingnan University’s Department of Applied Psychology who paid her abundant efforts as the research’s Principal Investigator, has recently been regarded as one of the top 25 work-family scholars in the world.

Prof Sir David Todd, honorary graduate of Lingnan University, passed away on 16 August at the age of 89.

Upcoming Events
29 September, 2017
Date  29 Sep 2017 (Friday) 
Time  4:00 p.m. 
Venue  Lam Woo Lecture Theatre (MBG06), G/F, Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building, Lingnan University 
Enquiries 2616 8948 
Organiser  Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Affairs and Asia-Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies, Lingnan University 

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