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09 February, 2018
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Alumni Activities

第二十八期《嶺大校友 Lingnan Connections》將於2018年6月出版。一本內容豐富的校友刊物實有賴各位校友的鼎力支持。請不要猶豫,立即與大家分享您的所見所聞及昔日回憶。歡迎校友為下列專欄提供稿件及/或相片:


- 與校友分享喜訊或難忘時刻(如新婚、誕嬰、升遷、獲獎、出版著作等),除相片外,歡迎提供不多於100字的描述;相片的解像度以800KB或以上為佳。





Awards and Achievements
28 December, 2017

Organised by the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR Government and hosted by the Hong Kong Volunteers Association, the Youth Internship Programme at the Palace Museum in Beijing was held for the first time last summer.  Fifteen university students from Hong Kong were selected to pilot this internship programme.  They include three Lingnan students, Miss Chan Yi-lam, Mr Hui Fai-ping and Miss Leung Pik-shan from the Faculty of Arts.  

Campus News
20 April, 2018

Prof Chan Ping-Leung, former Head and Chair Professor of the Department of Chinese passed away in USA on 6 December 2017 at the age of 83.  The Department of Chinese will organise a memorial ceremony at the University to honour the great contribution of Prof Chan. 

8 February, 2018

Lingnan University organised the Naming Ceremony of Mr and Mrs Tung Choi Hing Study Room today (8 February) in appreciation of the support of Mr and Mrs Tung Chung Ho to the University.

2 January, 2018

Sponsored by Lingnan’s Faculty of Business, a group of 20 business undergraduate students visited Taiwan for a 4-day study tour from 2 to 5 January.

Lingnan has extended its global network with the establishment of new agreements on academic cooperation with the School of Management Economics and Law, Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Ryukoku University in Japan, Pforzheim University in Germany, Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Spain and Emlyon Business School in France in January.

Fu Tei Bookstore, officially launched in February last year and operated by Lingnan University’s student volunteers, focuses on promoting knowledge and nurturing literary and arts culture in the community.  With the motto of “Promote Knowledge‧Encourage Reading‧Nurture Literature and Arts”, it aims to advocate critical thinking and active learning.  Despite the bookstore’s young establishment, Chen Pui-hing (Philosophy Year 4), Founder and Chairman of Fu Tei Bookstore’s Management Committee and his fellow teammates Ting Cham-yin (Philosophy Year 3) and Ng Wing-si (Cultural Studies Year 4) have decided to step forward to initiate a new project “Promotion Campaign of Critical Thinking in Community” last October with sponsorship from Tuen Mun Yan Oi Tong.

21 December, 2017

Under the Jockey Club “We Care, We Serve & We Learn @ Tuen Mun” Programme, the Office of Service-Learning (OSL) of Lingnan University supported two community partners to attend the “Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology Academic Conference” in Taiwan on 21 December 2017.  The theme of the academic conference was “Ideas and Practice of Service-Learning”, bringing novel ideas related to Service-Learning and community engagement to participants.

7 December, 2017

The 2017 AIBSEAR Conference, co-organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Business Studies (HKIBS) of Lingnan University and the Academy of International Business Southeast Asia Regional (AIBSEAR) Chapter, was held from 7 to 9 December 2017 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Upcoming Events
12 February, 2018
Date  : 12 Feb 2018 (Monday)
Time : 2:00 - 3:30 pm
Venue  : Leung Chung Yeung Conference Room (WYL314), 3/F, Dorothy Y L Wong Building, Lingnan University
Enquieies    2616 7047 /
Speakers : Prof Chew Soo-hong, Professor and Provost's Chair, Department of Economics, National University of Singapore
Organiser : Department of Economics, Lingnan University
Website :
Remarks : Language: English
14 February, 2018
Date  : 14 Feb 2018 (Wednesday)
Time : 3:00 - 4:30 pm
Venue : SEK210, 2/F, Simon and Eleanor Kwok Building, Lingnan University
Enquiries     : 2616 8373 /
Speakers : Dr Jonathan Jona, Senior Lecturer, Department of Accounting, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Melbourne
Organiser Department of Accountancy and Hong Kong Institute of Business Studies, Lingnan University
Remarks : Language: English
26 February, 2018
Date  26 Feb 2018 (Monday)  
Time  4:30 - 6:30 pm 
Venue  Eaton House, 5/F Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong 
Enquiries  2616 8942 / 
Speaker(s)  Facilitator:  
    Prof Leonard K Cheng, BBS, JP 
    President and Chair Professor of Economics, Lingnan University
    Guest Speakers:
    - Dr the Honourable Joseph Yam Chi-kwong, GBM, GBS, JP
    Non-official Member of the Executive Council
    - Mr Rex Auyeung Pak-kuen 
    Chairman of the Council of Lingnan University 
Organiser  Office of Communications and Public Affairs, Lingnan University 
Website :
Remarks  Language: Cantonese 


1 March, 2018
Date  01 Mar 2018 (Thursday) - 22 Mar 2018 (Thursday) 
Venue  Lingnan University 
Enquiries  2616 7438 / 
Organiser  Office of the Faculty of Arts (Arts), Lingnan University 
Website :

The Lingnan Arts Festival aims to bring various forms of arts from Hong Kong as well as other parts of the world to Lingnan.  Students and staff have been able to enrich their cultural well-being through enjoying and taking part in a variety of arts and cultural activities.

17 March, 2018
Date  17 Mar 2018 (Saturday)
Time : 2:00 - 4:15 pm
Venue : Lam Woo Lecture Theatre (MBG06), Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building, Lingnan University
Enquiries   : 2616 7433
Speakers      : Prof Shi Chuan (Shanghai Theatre Academy)
Mr Shu Kei, Director
Organiser : Centre for Cinema Studies, Department of Visual Studies, and Student Services Centre, Lingnan University
Website :
 Remarks : 81 mins, Silent with Chinese and English Intertitles

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