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27 March, 2020
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Alumni Activities

第三十二期《嶺大校友 Lingnan Connections》將於2020年6月出版。一本內容豐富的校友刊物實有賴各位校友的鼎力支持。請不要猶豫,立即與大家分享您的所見所聞及昔日回憶。歡迎校友為下列專欄提供稿件及/或相片:


- 與校友分享喜訊或美好時刻(如新婚、誕嬰、升遷、獲獎、出版著作等),除相片外,歡迎提供不多於100字的描述;相片的解像度以800KB或以上為佳。






招募熱心的校友! 只要您是嶺南大學(或其前身自1967年之嶺南書院及嶺南學院)的畢業生,便可自薦或由大學學系/部門推薦成為校友大使!

Alumni Ambassador Scheme aims to strengthen the connection between the University and alumni. It offers alumni a unique opportunity to connect with fellow classmates and make meaningful contributions to the alma mater. 

Enthusiastic Alumni Wanted! If you are a graduate of Lingnan University (or its forerunner Lingnan College in Hong Kong since 1967), you can nominate yourself or be nominated by the University departments/offices to be Alumni Ambassador!


In Memoriam



嶺大對張博士的離世深表哀悼,並向張博士的家人致以深切慰問。張博士為家中的經濟支柱,如您們願意於經濟上支持張博士的家人,請把捐款存入張博士母親之銀行戶口 (恒生銀行戶口號碼 : 284-9-280199,戶口姓名 : Wong Pak Mei) 或將劃線支票郵寄至嶺大視覺研究系 (地址 : 屯門嶺南大學何善衡樓2樓),支票抬頭請寫Wong Pak Mei,並於支票背後寫上您的全名及聯絡電話。



Joanne Cheung Tsz-yan, a final year BBA student in Accounting, has won the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship for Undergraduate and Diploma Students 2019/20. The Award recognises her excellent academic performance and commitment to helping children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

Campus News

The coronavirus outbreak and social unrest in Hong Kong over the past months have led most universities and schools in Hong Kong to adopt — unprecedentedly and unavoidably — long-discussed e-learning education methods.

Hong Kong is famous for its commerce and 21st-century modernity, but also for its beautiful natural scenery and mountain trails. However, as the recent enthusiasm for hiking has shown, even the countryside can get a little overcrowded. And that means it is more important than ever to think about conservation and environmental protection and to lend a helping hand to creatures that live in the wild. 

In response to the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan in February, the Lingnan University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (LUCSSA) launched a fundraising campaign to alleviate the shortage of medical supplies threatening frontline staff and patients in Wuhan hospitals. 

Prof Diana Lemberg, Associate Professor of Department of History, was invited by New Books Network to talk about her latest book Barriers Down: How American Power and Free-Flow Policies Shaped Global Media.

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