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09 April, 2020
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Alumni Activities

嶺南大學研究生院正進行網上問卷調查,旨在瞭解香港市民在疫情下「在家工作」的情況及感受。完成問卷者將有機會獲得快餐店$30現金券乙張 (名額500張,先到先得,送完即止) 。請按此連結參加!

This timely research project is part of the Campaign of Fighting COVID-19 @ Lingnan University (Discovery, Service and Education) to show we CARE for our society. There has been an outpouring of media attention about working from home amidst the spread of Covid-19. To work from home or not to work from home is the most-talked-about question at workplaces lately. We plan to ask Hong Kong working people who do home office to get their thoughts on the matter. The survey will take only 2 to 3 minutes to complete.


招募熱心的校友! 只要您是嶺南大學(或其前身自1967年之嶺南書院及嶺南學院)的畢業生,便可自薦或由大學學系/部門推薦成為校友大使!

Alumni Ambassador Scheme aims to strengthen the connection between the University and alumni. It offers alumni a unique opportunity to connect with fellow classmates and make meaningful contributions to the alma mater. 

Enthusiastic Alumni Wanted! If you are a graduate of Lingnan University (or its forerunner Lingnan College in Hong Kong since 1967), you can nominate yourself or be nominated by the University departments/offices to be Alumni Ambassador!


Campus News

A recent study entitled Hong Kong Citizens’ Awareness and Attitude towards “Gerontechnology” by the LU Jockey Club Gerontechnology and Smart Ageing Project of Lingnan University (LU) finds that most respondents are optimistic about gerontechnology’s applications, but they consider the Government does not provide adequate financial support for the public to purchase gerontech products. They would also like the Government to expand the scope of the Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme (EHV Scheme) for the purchase of gerontech products, and to expand research and development.

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