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10 February, 2021
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Alumni Activities

第三十四期《嶺大校友 Lingnan Connections》將於2021年6月出版。一本內容豐富的校友刊物實有賴各位校友的鼎力支持。請不要猶豫,立即與大家分享您的所見所聞及昔日回憶。歡迎校友為下列專欄提供稿件及/或相片:


- 與校友分享喜訊或美好時刻(如新婚、誕嬰、升遷、獲獎、出版著作等),除相片外,歡迎提供不多於100字的描述。


- 在新冠肺炎疫情期間,雖然減少了校友聚會,但關心思念之情仍舊,藉著校友加油站,校友可分享那些年在校園或與同窗參與活動時的照片,為彼此及母校送上心意及祝福;除提供相片外,也請提供不多於100字的描述。校友的相片分享也有機會刊登於大學發展及校友事務處的網頁上。


- 歡迎校友組織供稿,與校友分享組織的最新動向及活動花絮,除相片外,歡迎提供不多於200字的描述。




嶺大校友現凡於大學任何籌款活動中一次性捐款港幣500元或以上,即可成為嶺大校友樂獻會會員 (會籍為期一年)。



The establishment of LU Alumni Giving Club aims to bring together a group of enthusiastic alumni who would like to support the alma mater and the younger fellows through making donations, and at the same time, strengthen the connection between alumni and the University.  

From now on, alumni who make a one-off donation of HK$500 or above in any fundraising campaigns of the University are eligible for the membership of LU Alumni Giving Club (membership is valid for one year).

As a token of appreciation, members will receive a special souvenir and upon the presentation of the membership card, an array of privileges can be enjoyed. For details, please click here to visit our website.

Please click here to fill in the Donation Form and join the LU Alumni Giving Club. Thank you for your support!

The 2021 Summer Internship Program is launched under the Lingnanian Partnership Scheme. It will be jointly organized by Lingnan University Alumni Association Hong Kong (LUAA) and Lingnan University to line up internship partners and students of high calibre. We are proud that many of our alumni are specialists in different professions, self-employed, or holding senior positions in the commercial world.

The main objective of this program is to extend Lingnan students’ all-round competence in the real working environment under the leadership and guidance from our experienced alumni. It is expected that this program will motivate more alumni to get in touch with their junior brothers and sisters in Lingnan and, as a result, to unite most if not all Lingnanians to work together for the betterment of Lingnan education and its image.

Campus News
5 February, 2021

Lingnan University has received a Gold Certificate from the inaugural Privacy-Friendly Awards by Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD) for its achievements in protecting personal data privacy as part of the University’s policy and culture.

3 February, 2021

Professor Siu Oi-ling, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Chair Professor of Applied Psychology, has received $585,800 under the Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (HSSPFS) for the project “Economic, Psychological, and Social Costs of Occupational Stress in the Big Bay Area: Growth Mindset and Psychological Capital as Stress Moderators”, which evaluates occupational stressors in employees in the Greater Bay Area. This is the largest grant awarded to any of the eight funded HSSPFS projects.

Upcoming Events
19 February, 2021
Date 19 February 2021
Time :

2:15 - 3:45 pm

Enquiries : 2616 7457 /
Speakers : Dr Nicole Chiang, Curator of the Hong Kong Palace Museum
Organiser : Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University
Website :

Remarks :

Language: English

26 February, 2021
Date 26 February 2021
Time :

9:30 am (GMT-5 New York)
3:30 pm (GMT+1 Lagos)
10:30 pm (GMT+8 Beijing)

Enquiries : 2616 7696 /
Speakers : - Cheryl Mei-ting SCHMITZ
Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
- Maggi LEUNG
Department of Human Geography & Spatial Planning, Utrecht University
- Ding FEI
School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona State University
Roberto Castillo, Assistant Professor of Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University
Organiser : Centre for Cultural Research and Development, Lingnan University
Website :

Remarks :

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 974 2895 5078
Passcode: 56540543
Language: English

3 March, 2021
Date 3 March 2021
Time :

10:00 - 11:30 am

Enquiries : 2616 7377 /
Speakers : Prof Sarah Esther Lageson, Assistant Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Rutgers University-Newark
Organiser : Department of Sociology and Social Policy, Lingnan University
Website :

Remarks :

Zoom Link:
Language: English

5 March, 2021
Time 5 March 2021 (Friday)
12 March 2021 (Friday)
19 March 2021 (Friday)
4:00 - 6:00 pm
Enquiries : 2616 8959 /
Organiser : STEAM Education and Research Centre, Lingnan University
Co-organiser : - Hong Kong Information and Technology Joint Council
- Internet Professional Association
- Hong Kong STEM Education Alliance
Website :

Remarks :

Online Registration:
Language: Cantonese and supplemented by English

Continuing Events
1 December, 2020
Date : 1 December 2020 - 28 February 2021
Enquiries 2616 7456 /
Organiser : Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University
Website :

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