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13 December, 2013
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28 November, 2013

An exhibition co-organised by artist-in-residence Anna Glynn and Visual Studies Department Assistant Professor Carol Archer was held at the Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery from 28 November to 12 December. Apart from the “Wonderment” artworks created by Anna, multimedia artworks by students in Anna’s “Playing with Multimedia” class and Prof Archer’s “Understanding Drawing” class were also displayed.

Two weeks before the exhibition, Anna was working passionately on a new series of tree paintings at the artist’s studio. The 40 giant Chinese ink tree paintings do not only complement her other works of nature but also echo her style of fusing East and West, traditional and contemporary. Grown up in a farm in Melbourne, Anna has a love of nature and animals since small. “We are part of nature and it’s silly to think we are separated. Lingnan’s campus is special because it’s part of the surrounding natural environment,” she said. During her residency, she also worked on her multimedia MEOAW Project, a collection of onomatopoeic words that mimic the sounds of animals.   

Year 3 Visual Studies student Tong Kam-ming created a multimedia artwork on the four seasons by combining his four Chinese ink paintings with the sounds of nature. His collected sounds include chirping of cicadas in Autumn and the sound of falling leaves in Winter. “Anna’s class was very inspiring in the sense that we were allowed to create any form of multimedia artwork without following any theory,” he said. Year 2 Visual Studies student Janice Li worked on an interesting story about how the giraffe developed its long neck. She prepared more than 130 different charcoal sketches of a giraffe looking for food under a tree, each filmed for the purpose of producing an animation.

Exhibitions from the “Understanding Drawing” class further showcased the artistic talents of Lingnan students. In Prof Archer’s class, students did not only learn the drawing techniques but also experience the fun of doing collaborative artworks. One of the displays was a giant sketch work comprised of 20 small sketches contributed by everyone in class.

“We built a good foundation on drawing by learning how to create forms with line and shade. We even had the chance to draw nude models!” said Year 3 Visual Studies student Jacqueline Venzon. Another Year 1 Visual Studies student Kelsie Yang took the course to develop her interest in drawing. “Prof Archer inspired the way we think and feel,” she said.  

You may click HERE to listen to a radio interview of Anna by ABC Radio National of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.