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10 April, 2015
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong

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Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) has offered three new workshops under the Intrapersonal Intelligence Series to students in March, which provide students with the opportunities to further explore their inner feelings and personal growth for their self-understanding and self-appreciation.

The Horticultural Therapy Training introduced students to professional knowledge and experience on how the purposeful use of plants and gardens could support an individual’s emotional, social, physical, and intellectual well-being. Facilitated by professional drama trainers, students joining the I Move, Therefore I Am - Drama and Movement Workshop could use drama and body movements in a safe and relaxed environment in expressing themselves. In the workshop Understanding Sandplay Therapy, students were introduced by a clinical psychologist to sandplay therapy, which is characterised by the use of sand, water and small items in the creation of images within a “free and protected space” of the therapeutic relationship and the sand tray.

With a rich array of training programmes to help students enrich self-understanding, unlock talents and discover new interests, ILP will continue to enhance students’ self-esteem, goal setting and life skills in preparing for their future academic and career success.