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10 April, 2015
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The Centre for Humanities Research organised the international conference on “The Translation of Literature and Culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China during the Cold War Period” from 6 to 7 March to discuss the translation of literature and culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China under the context of Cold War, and the interaction of different domains of culture and arts during the Cold War period.

Over the past few years, the Centre has been devoting itself to the studies of Hong Kong literature and culture in the 1950s and 1960s and was engaged in the Cold War research on a variety of cultural sectors in Hong Kong. This conference not only gathered experts from Taiwan, Singapore, Canada, America and Mainland China to report on their research, but also attracted local scholars to present their ideas. Topics of the conference papers covered many areas such as literature, newspaper supplements, filmic adaptation, publishing, literary translation and circulation of ideas.