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31 May, 2013
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Awards and Achievements
9 May, 2013

Mr Matthew Cheng Ching-hang, of Lingnan’s Centre for Humanities Research, was presented with the 2012 Award for Best Artist (Art Criticism) from Hong Kong Arts Development Council on 9 May.

Mr Cheng was highly praised for his distinct performance in arts criticism in 2012. He was said to have delivered both quality and quantity with his literary criticism, and brought a fervent passion to his studies of film, literature and music. The ubiquitous intertextuality in his work – the parallels drawn between literature and film in particular – creates an interdisciplinary dialogue that is important for moving HongKong’s literary and film arts forward.

At the ceremony on 9 May, Mr Cheng thanked the late Prof Leung Ping-kwan (Ye Si) for his long-term support and encouragement. Prof Leung had received the 2010 Award for Best Artist (Literary Art).