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14 December, 2012
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28 November, 2012

Sketches by students who have completed the course “Understanding drawing” were put on display at an exhibition in the Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery on campus on 28 November.

Dr Carol Archer, teacher of the semester-long course, was proud of what her 22 students had achieved and their creativity. Although not all of the students might make drawing their career, she believed many of them would find it a good way of creative expression and relaxation.

Visual Studies student Bamboo Kwan has confirmed her goal to become an illustrator after the course. “Dr Archer always encouraged us to try and her words were most heartening. My skills have improved a lot under her guidance. But most significantly, I’ve come to understand that a good drawing has to show the feelings of the artist,” she said.

Kai Yuen, another Visual Studies student, would like to engage in computer-based design after her graduation. “Apart from doing four sketches every week, everyone also designed a postcard and mailed it to a fellow student who would add his or her design before sending it back. And you never knew what you were going to get. Surprises like this have made the learning process most delightful,” she said. Yuen believed her undergraduate studies at Lingnan, which allowed her to get not only practical and theoretical training, but also learn about philosophy, art history and relevant subjects such as aesthetics, had given her a solid foundation for her future career.

Gary Guo, an exchange student from the South China University of Technology who majors in English, found the collaboration with several students on a giant sketch work most exciting and joyful. “We worked on different parts of the sketch and it was amazing that all the parts went so well together when they were combined,” he said.

Students were eager to show and explain their individual collections of works to peers and visitors at the exhibition.